Hide Away Resort on Sugar Lake

In 1946, the Fillips family bought a resort. Along with two older but still young daughters and a toddler son, it was a family affair.By 1975 Harold and Elsie wished to retire, they sold off 350 feet of the lake shore, but kept the main house and adjacent cabin. Harold passed away in 1980 and in 1987, Elsie explored selling the rest of the lake shore. The house and cabin was purchased by a friend of the family. Elsie moved to town in the 90s, and as she approched 100 years of age, she was relocated to the twin cities. She lived her last years very happy in Minnetonka, and passed away at 102. For her 100th birthday, she had a party at Sugar lake at the home of one of her children, a long time Sugar Lake lakeshore owner. This tumblr is my (Kevin's) online repository for archival photos related to that resort. But also a reblog of photos in the themes of recreation, cottage life, fishing and this editor's random interests. Including vintage radio. This is a Ke7in Web Joint #k7nwj
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Lunch, Bean n Bacon soup, Titanium sporks and a canteen cup

It’s a rainy day at Thousand Pines camp. A good night for a Drive In Movie # Motorola #lapdock #webtop #4g #vzw #droid #bionic #WorldWarZ

50% of my living uncles, gave me this shirt. I love it #theeconomist #thinkresponsibly #bionicnephew

My new house


it’s April, and a fresh layer of snow fell yesterday. Just eight weeks of school left and my thoughts are filled with thoughts of my Thousand Pines and Sugar Lake. Today, I realised I’m different up there. Different than I was in Kentucky and different than Chanhassen. I think I am better up there. I like that.

  • Me: I am thinking about calling the place "1000 Pines".
  • Friend: I think it would sound better as "Thousand Pines".
  • Me: (to self- they sound the same to me) Thanks, I was not sure if words or numbers looked better.

Truths Beauty

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IHust wiOke upmy whol hOUSSe

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Sod roof houses in Vik, Iceland

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