Hide Away Resort on Sugar Lake

In 1946, the Fillips family bought a resort. Along with two older but still young daughters and a toddler son, it was a family affair.By 1975 Harold and Elsie wished to retire, they sold off 350 feet of the lake shore, but kept the main house and adjacent cabin. Harold passed away in 1980 and in 1987, Elsie explored selling the rest of the lake shore. The house and cabin was purchased by a friend of the family. Elsie moved to town in the 90s, and as she approched 100 years of age, she was relocated to the twin cities. She lived her last years very happy in Minnetonka, and passed away at 102. For her 100th birthday, she had a party at Sugar lake at the home of one of her children, a long time Sugar Lake lakeshore owner. This tumblr is my (Kevin's) online repository for archival photos related to that resort. But also a reblog of photos in the themes of recreation, cottage life, fishing and this editor's random interests. Including vintage radio. This is a Ke7in Web Joint #k7nwj
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Meanwhile this summer

I just started a new chapter at Thousand Pines. I opened up the pits. It’s my homage to the swamp of MASH. Like the 4077, it is a collection tents. Each having a singular purpose for sleeping creating visiting napping. It will be set in a quad layout with the fire towards the center. Only 1 tent is there presently but I slept there last night and entertained a visitor with fire.

Much after dark I moved the iron fire ring, my cot and sleeping pads as well as my audio electronics. I also brought beer. My little dog Boudin would have nothing of it. He prefered to stay in the nice tent on the hill.

I make that distinction because the tent I was in had a huge hole gaping the left side and a few in the roof and  at the corners. It’s a sentimental tent for me I left it up all winter in it became destroyed by heavy snow. I got it as part of my uncle’s estate along with another tent, cook stove and fishing rod. I’ll patch this one up and it will be my sleeping quarters it is the darkest.

The remaining will be two dome style tents and a screen house. The aforementioned “nice tent” is the larger of the two dome tents. It is the eight sided one with two doors, a large window, two rooms and a skylight.

A reader may wonder why I would call this place the pits. It is located at the base of a steap cliffs that once served as a gravel pit. My long time friend Michael is concerned I won’t have any air flow there and the mosquitoes will be too dense.  However last night after a few sprays and some citronella flame, I was quite comfortable.  Viva The Pits!

Thousand Pines today

Some readers may remember my plan to rebuild the cabin on the left in my woods to the right. In the interim. The building was assembled into a tool shed.

Its structure is very simplistic. The vertical style is Palisade. The logs have been split. Essentially they have been attached to cross beams of a list and beam structure.

The decision for complete historical accuracy over a re-imagined use of the historic logs. The original cabin was lost in the 50s. The shed that saved it is an unremarkable shed of 9x10.

Over the years of this plan, drawing have been made that use the logs along with 6 foot windows 13 of them and horizontal alignment of some logs to create a dramatic new cabin.

Of additional interest is the “tiny house” movement. Micro structures with footprints the size of a pickup camper are stuffed with all the means for compact living. An idea to dig a half foundation, set the cabin on it, with “second floor” half way up. The gable and possibly a dormer create an half story.

This blog has always been about the land of this resort. As the historical aspect of the property has had its run.

Slowly there have been inspirational cabin posts and a few modern commentary of this tumblr’s experiences on the property. Today it is Official. This tumblr will focus forward. Still, homage to history will be maintained. The side bar will rotate historical themes. A better effort on retagging previous posts should help histoans..

It is hoped current followers will enjoy the shift. Check out my camp related boards in interest, as well as mid century leisure which includes pics from this resort.



Lunch, Bean n Bacon soup, Titanium sporks and a canteen cup

It’s a rainy day at Thousand Pines camp. A good night for a Drive In Movie # Motorola #lapdock #webtop #4g #vzw #droid #bionic #WorldWarZ

50% of my living uncles, gave me this shirt. I love it #theeconomist #thinkresponsibly #bionicnephew

My new house


it’s April, and a fresh layer of snow fell yesterday. Just eight weeks of school left and my thoughts are filled with thoughts of my Thousand Pines and Sugar Lake. Today, I realised I’m different up there. Different than I was in Kentucky and different than Chanhassen. I think I am better up there. I like that.